Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Band

      In order for a middle school band to sound good and interesting at a performance, they must prepare. They need to act as if every rehearsal is a performance and have to act as professionals in order to succeed as a team. They should practice productively and critique all mistakes.  But this rambunctious group wasn't headed for success anytime soon.
      A group of 8th grade band students practice 5 days a week to prepare for their Winter Concert at Cal Polys Performing Art Center. During rehearsals the band becomes wild and crazy trying to set up for rehearsal and talks during songs so they can very rarely play two pieces. Their conductor works very hard to make them sound expressive, clean, and professional. And although the students apply the corrections needed to be made, the young musicians sometimes are disrespectful. The only way for the band to come together is some inspiration, so a few students took that into consideration. Four girls worked on making a speech to present, hoping that it will help let their fellow students understand how hard their conductor works and that they need to respect him. The band students agreed with them after hearing the speech and decided to work harder. All was well.
     December 17, 2014 was the night the band performed their Winter Concert. The concert was 2 hours and the 8th graders were casual about performing. One student said, "I'm very neutral about performing." This went for many other students as well because they have performed many times before.
      It was finally time for the 8th grade students to perform their four songs half way through the concert. "All of you looked very professional walking on stage and I was surprised none of you goofed off like I thought a middle school band would" a supporting parent said to their child. All of the songs were expressive and beautiful, just as their constructor wanted.
     The night was a great one for the conductor, the students and the crowd. Nothing could have gone better for the Los Osos Middle School 8th grade band and also for the other performing bands. The rambunctious group had become professionals.

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