Thursday, January 22, 2015

History Day

Every year at Los Osos Middle School (LOMS), a event called history day happens in the month of January and February.  History day is where 8th grade students research about a person who left a legacy and showed leadership in history. The students can make an exhibit, a website, they can write a biography, and even perform. History day is a chance for kids to learn history from all over the world and it takes place all over the world! Wednesday March 4 is the day students will show their project in front of guest judges to view and discuss their work.
“I can’t wait for history day! My partner and I are making a really cool exhibit. Everyone will love it!” a student says.
8th grade students all over LOMS are making bold and fun projects to show. There will be performances that will make students want to learn more about history. What will you and your friends do for history day?

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