Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shark attack

It was a beautiful sunny day in Montana de Oro and the surf was great so two friends went to catch some waves. Nobody thought a peaceful day would turn into a nightmare.
A dad was surfing with his friend on Sunday and they were having a good time at the beach. They were surfing 45 minutes to an hour when the dad paddled out to wait for a good wave. All the sudden he was pulled under by juvenile 8 to 10 foot great white.
“What I remember when I was hit was being under water pretty quickly,” the dad says “and I was dragged down a ways” (Kaytlyn Leslie writes)
When he came up he yelled “SHARK ATTACK” to his fellow surfers and paddled for the shore. His hip and thigh was torn open and the ocean became red with blood.
In his earlier years, he was in the army and trained in combat life saving techniques so his ‘fight” or ‘flight’ instincts kicked in. He paddled to the beach as fast as he could. The big concern was to get to shore, although luckily the shark had no more interest in him.
Once he was on land, he wrapped the surf leash around his leg, acting as a tourniquet.Many doctors and people were there to help him within 2-5 minutes later and a via helicopter came to take him to  Sierra Vista Regional medical center in San Luis Obispo.
The doctors had him on a undergo surgery on a pie pan-sized laceration on his right thigh. After the surgery, the dad was laughing with the medical staff and happy as can be. His family saw him and were relieved. He was released at 11:40 am Monday. A shark researcher is finding why the shark would have bit him. The dad plans to go surfing again as soon as his stitches is out.
Everyone should be careful out in the water,  and watch out for great whites.

The terrifying  incident turned into a happy ending with no long term injuries. The dad will surf again.

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